Electrolysis Hair Removal

Hair Electrology is a scientifically proven, progressive hair removal technique that has been used for over 120 years.

Our therapists use the blend method of semi-permanent hair removal using a sterile, disposable probe to ensure hygiene.

A consultation will provide you with in-depth information on procedure and your therapist can design a treatment program for your needs.

What is Electrology?

Electrology is a method of hair removal, which destroys the hair germ cells and the papilla (blood vessel) which are responsible for the development and growth of each hair.


How Does Electrology Work?

A mild electrical current is introduced into a growing hair follicle via a probe. Face & Fragrance uses the ‘blend method’ which combines a galvanic current (causing a chemical reaction) and high-frequency current (causing a heat reaction). Together these currents provide an efficient and effective treatment.


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