Janesce Skincare treatments.

Your beauty therapist is one of the most qualified people to guide you in the treatment of your skin.

Regular facial treatments will provide an intense boost for your skin, and give your therapist the ideal opportunity to monitor your skin’s progress.

All of our facial treatments are carried out using Janesce – an organically based natural skin care range. They include a skin consultation which will enable your therapist to provide you with the most suitable products for your facial.


Skin Health Coaching
(45 mins) $55 

The Janesce Skin Care range is a whole philosophy, it is a belief in caring for your skin and yourself, both inside and out. We believe that our internal health is reflected in our appearance. With this in mind we have available a unique service that can guide you in the areas of nutrition, supplementation, exercise, stress management and any other areas of concern you may have. 

Skin Health Checkup
(30 mins) $30

Skin specific programmes redeemable on product.

Janesce Deluxe Facial
(60 mins) $125

Designed to encourage skin suppleness and provide protection for dry sensitive or to help normalize oily or acne skins. The treatment commences with a thorough but gentle cleanse to remove makeup and impurities followed by a brow tidy. The skin is exfoliated to soften and remove dead skin cells and to aid in the removal of blocked pores. Followed with a relaxing massage of your shoulders, neck and face, under a fine vapor using aromatic oils. A concentrate containing liquid flowers such as chamomile, marshmallow, sage or lavender is pressed into the skin followed by a mask to hydrate, oxygenate and balance your skin. Finally a floral mist or concentrate is applied under a day cream.

Enjoy a healthy treat and refreshing lemon water to finish.

Sensory Experience
(90 mins) $145

Cocooned in warmth and luxury this ultimate facial experience is designed to stimulate all the senses. We begin soaking your feet in a foot spa. A relaxing massage of the back and shoulders follows… your deluxe facial begins.

Enjoy a healthy treat and refreshing lemon water to finish.

Reviver Facial
(30 mins) $78

Designed for those of you who require a shorter treatment, this facial focuses on cleansing, exfoliation, massage and concludes with a mask specifically suited to your skin type, a day moisturizer is applied. A great pick-me-up for the skin.

Enjoy a healthy treat and refreshing lemon water to finish.

Lavender Antioxidant Facial or Rose Rejuvenating Facial
(75 mins) $140

This is an ultra-hydrating, anti-ageing treatment for clients who are already reaping the benefits of the Janesce Skincare regime at home. To begin we apply therapeutic levels of plant extracts to your skin, then cover your face in a cotton muslin soaked in botanical essences. This plant therapy is gently compressed into your skin under a fragrant herbal steam. This is followed by a face, neck and décolletage massage using Lavender Facial Aromatic Oil which is healing, soothing and balancing to the skin or Rose Facial Aromatic Oil which is softening, healing and rejuvenating. Includes complimentary brow tidy and foot massage. Enjoy a Bestow Organic Herbal Tea and nourishing treat to finish.

Enjoy a healthy treat and refreshing lemon water to finish.

Gua Sha Facial
(75 mins) $140

Gua Sha (“Gwa-Sa”) is a traditional Chinese technique used to stimulate the lymphatic system and relax muscles. This traditional Chinese practice is one of the oldest forms of Chinese medicine dating back to the Ming Dynasty, where a crystal or stone is used to gently scrape and massage the skin.
It has a wealth of benefits, including clearer and smoother skin, a reduction in puffiness and a brighter, more glowing complexion. The Gua Sha tool is stroked gently along the skin in a sweeping outward/upward motion on the face. Practicing Gua Sha on your face helps to release lymphatic fluid and the impurities it may contain, eliminating toxins, improving circulation, moving Qi (energy) and activating the skin’s natural ability to heal itself. Fewer toxins and better circulation lead to clearer, nourished, glowing skin. Gua Sha massage can also relieve tension in the muscles of the face, reducing lines and freeing adhesions which interfere with proper fluid flow.
I include this massage technique with the Gua Sha crystal in either the Lavender or Rose Antioxidant facial which is ultra-hydrating and rejuvenating on the skin, using beautiful organic flower essences.

Enjoy a healthy treat and refreshing lemon water to finish.