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Face & Fragrance Product Range

We have a range of quality, hand-picked products available to purchase from the Face and Fragrance clinic in Whakatane.

We use these products in our treatments and can recommend which products are suitable for you.

Read more about our products below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Janesce Skincare

Janesce is more than a skincare range, it is a whole philosophy. It is a belief in caring for your skin and yourself, both inside and out. Your skin is a mirror of your inner health and well-being.

Janesce skin care products – with their pure plant extracts – feed, nourish and support your skin. You will look better and feel better too. Janesce promotes inner beauty.

Janesce’s organically-based, natural product range is supported by an integrated, dedicated and highly ethical approach to caring for your skin. It involves external skin care applications, as well as recommendations on nutritional supplements, and health and lifestyle programmes from our experienced team of Janesce professionals.

Visit the Janesce website here.

Bestow Beauty Products

Bestow is a philosophy of skincare, made up of exquisite rituals and functional foods lovingly created to support your inner health and outer beauty.

Bestow is about unlocking nature’s gifts and sharing them with women who are ready to know. We draw from past wisdom and from nature itself to nourish skin, enrich beauty and endow confidence. We bestow.

Visit the Bestow website here.

Jane Iredale Skincare Makeup

Jane Iredale’s mineral cosmetics prioritize skin health, excluding parabens, synthetic fragrances, and talc fillers. Suitable for all skin types, they undergo rigorous safety testing. Our range includes foundations, concealers, powders, and more. Recommended by professionals worldwide, these products offer broad-spectrum UV protection, anti-inflammatory benefits, and long-lasting wear without talc or parabens. They’re cruelty-free and suitable for various skin conditions. Explore Jane Iredale for a safe, vibrant, and effortlessly beautiful makeup experience.



Environ Skincare stands as a globally acknowledged skincare line rooted in scientific principles. Renowned for its potent concentration of vitamin A, the Environ skincare range proves highly effective in addressing concerns such as anti-aging, acne, and sun-damaged skin. Environ facials, known for being results-oriented and indulgent, employ cutting-edge technology. Exclusive to Environ facials is the employment of the innovative DF machine, utilizing painless electro-sonic technology to notably enhance the absorption of active ingredients into the skin. The outcomes are a testament to the efficacy of these treatments.

Explore the transformative power of Electro-sonic ESSENTIAL TREATMENTS by Environ Skincare.

Visit the Environ website here.